Global Women’s Leadership Network


Global Women’s Leadership Network

World Council of Credit Union’s created the Global Women’s Leadership Network in 2009. The Network’s mission is to provide women with the opportunity and resources to make a measureable difference in the lives of each other, in the lives of credit union members and in their communities.

Global Women’s Leadership Network provides credit union women with access to a global community of female leaders. The Network provides members in all stages of their leadership journey with opportunities to engage with leaders and future leaders, to enhance their awareness of issues and trends impacting the credit union movement, and to improve financial services for women worldwide.

Sister Societies are local chapters of the Global Women’s Leadership Network that are established around the world to further the Network’s global mission by making a local impact. The purpose is to convene credit union women on a grassroots level, discuss credit union issues, exchange ideas, network with neighboring credit union leaders, and share lessons learned with Network members worldwide.

Sister Society meetings take place approximately three times per year and membership in the Network is not required; however, World Council encourages attendees to join after participating in a Sister Society meeting.