CUANM’s VP of Association Services Set to Retire After Nearly Two Decades With Association

July 11th, 2022 by admin

Amy Vigil, CUANM’s Vice President of Association Services

Amy Vigil, the Credit Union Association of New Mexico’s (CUANM) longest-serving employee, has announced her retirement. After 19 years with the trade organization, CUANM’s Vice President of Association Services will retire November 2022. “I feel blessed to have worked within a movement where long-standing employees are celebrated. A movement that inspires individuals to serve with passion instead of just showing up to work,” shared Amy. “CUANM gave me the tools and experience to feel accomplished at the end of my well-rounded career. Over the years, I have met many wonderful people and developed friendships that I feel confident will keep me connected in my next chapter.”

CUANM’s President & CEO, Juan E. Fernández Ceballos, shared, “It has been a true pleasure to work with Amy for the past fifteen years. She has an extremely accomplished career, having humbly led programs that made a positive impact on both New Mexico as well as for credit unions from across the country. Amy will be dearly missed, and her commitment to the cooperative movement will be remembered long past her final day in the office.

Amy’s professional career began as a teller with a local bank. She was quickly promoted to work in the international department and then with the investment services team. After starting her family, Amy was hired at an ABQ-based credit union to work in the training department. She had found her passion and never looked back. In 2003, Amy began her career with CUANM. In addition to overseeing the Association’s numerous revenue streams and education initiatives. Amy served as Executive Director for the National Credit Union Call Center Conference, the country’s largest gathering dedicated to CU contact centers. First Financial Credit Union’s CEO Ron Moorehead shared, “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Amy for 10+ years. She is a great business partner, and her attention to the small details makes a good event great. Amy has been a joy to work with, and her passion for excellence is unsurpassed and only exceeded by her great attitude.”

While with CUANM, Amy also served as the Executive Director for the New Mexico CU Education Foundation, leading two large fundraising campaigns for the University of New Mexico’s Children’s Hospital. The first was the $1 million fundraising initiative for their pediatric emergency unit, the second committing to funding a full-time teacher for UNM’s Connected Academy for ten years.

Amy’s husband, John, retired in March 2022. They are the proud parents of three children, Stacey, Emily, and Samuel, and two grandchildren, Brody and Baker. Amy has a Bachelor’s in Business Management and is a Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE). In retirement, she hopes to serve on a local credit union board and work as an extra in the NM film industry.

CUANM is evaluating the Association’s next steps and will share them very soon.

Click here for CUANM’s media release.

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