Credit Unions Help During Federal Shutdown

January 17th, 2019 by admin

New Mexico Credit Unions
Ready to Help Federal Workers

Jan. 17, 2019 — This is a partial list of New Mexico credit unions offering assistance to federal workers during the shutdown. If you do not see your credit union listed, check with them directly for assistance. Terms and conditions apply to all services and complete details on programs offered may only be obtained from the individual credit union. Many credit unions have offices in multiple cities. Check the credit union website to find exact locations. This flyer is not an offer of credit and all credit unions are members of the National Credit Union Administration.”


First Financial Credit Union Albuquerque
Loan Extensions
Penalty Free Savings Withdrawals
Checking Fees Waived
0% Loan -based on income
Kirtland Federal Credit Union Albuquerque
Payroll Advance Program
Fees waived on early savings withdrawals
Free Skip Payments
State Employees Credit Union Santa Fe
Loan extensions at no cost
Mortgage extensions may be entertained.
Single pay loans may be granted.
Short term loan may be granted
US Eagle Federal Credit Union Albuquerque
Relief Loan: loan with no interest for 90 days.
Existing Loan Modifications/Extensions
Overdraft/Courtesy Pay Services
Financial Counselling
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Albuquerque
Penalty waived for early savings withdrawals
Relief loans up to one months net pay
Skip payments with fees waived
Loan terms extended
First Financial Credit Union Albuquerque
Skip payments with fees waived
Loan terns extended
Early withdrawal fees waived
Financial Counseling
0% Loan for payroll replacement
Zia Credit Union Los Alamos
“60-day loan payment due date extensions,”
Waiver of early withdrawal penalties
Low-rate signature loan
Guadalupe Credit Union Santa Fe
Free Financial Counseling
Various assistance programs
Southwest Federal Credit Union Albuquerque
No-fee Skip-A-Pays.  
$500 payday loan product.  
Add money to existing secured and unsecured loans.
Offer a signature loan.
White Sands Federal Credit Union Las Cruses
Loan Refinance – 90 days to first payment
Waived penalty for early savings withdrawal
Northern New Mexico School Employees FCU Santa Fe
Free Counseling
Individual programs tailored to member needs
Animas Credit Union Farmington
Extended loan terms
Low cost loan program
Otero Federal Credit Union Alamogordo
Paycheck replacement loan program
Members advanced amt of last paycheck
Roswell Community Credit Union Roswell
0% loans
Free Skip Payments

Nusenda Credit Union Albuquerque

                    0% Member Assistance Loans                        
                    Loan Payment Extensions                     
                    Savings Secured Loans                       
                    Free Financial Counseling

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