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CUANM helps credit unions better serve their members…

The Credit Union Association of New Mexico is a trade organization that helps credit unions address member needs through services, products, education and advocacy. First established in 1958, CUANM has been helping credit unions help their members for more than 50 years.
CUANM creates partnerships with nationwide and local companies, so credit unions of all sizes can provide products and services their members use every day. Many of the CUANM partnership services can be offered to your membership for free or at reduced fees. CUANM provides classes, seminars, and other resources to give credit unions the information they need to best serve their memberships and communities. Continuing educational opportunities are available at CUANM’s Learning Center.

CUANM offers our affiliated credit unions on site consulting in the areas of strategic planning, BSA and ACH reviews and compliance. CUANM also offers our affiliated credit unions access to REAL Solutions tool kits, consulting and outreach opportunities.

CUANM also works to promote financial literacy at all ages, from early childhood to young adult, through programs offered through local credit unions and educational institutions.

Finally, CUANM provide advocacy services, working with state and national representatives, including the State Legislature and our representatives and senators in Washington, D.C., to protect the rights of credit union members.

For more information on CUANM, its mission, products and services please email Melia Heimbuck at melia@cuanm.org

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